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a.k.a. @uglyworldwide

Jazzelle, a.k.a uglyworldwide, a.k.a. Jazzeppi Zanaughtti, a.k.a. our favourite model at the moment, is a sizzling fireball of irreverent fun. One of the stars of New York Models’ current season, Jazzelle has just been shot for AnOther Magazine by the incredible Nick Knight and Isamaya Ffrench. Her otherworldly, chameleonic aesthetic epitomises our current collective fascination with gender fluidity and Jazzelle is one of the stars of New York’s drag party scene, transforming nightly into dazzling new manifestations of herself, alongside other KING KONG favourites such as @ladyfag and @thatgirlsussi.

1. Do you feel like an outsider?

In the fashion industry FOR SURE, but around the people I be chillin’ with here, not at all.

2. Why did you start doing what you’re doing?

I’m doing a lot right now but I’m modelling to be able to pursue my other goals in life.

3. What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re on your own?


4. What do you feel guilty about but still spend the most money on?

I spend WAY too much money on bath products. I’m a big smell person

5. Which film has had the biggest impact on your work and/or the way you view the world?

I would say Spice World and Mulan, for sure, (lol).

6. How would you describe your style?

I hate describing my style because it’s so all over the place. It’s just emotional I guess, I dress how I feel that day.

7. Which Pokémon would you be?


8. What is the first thing you notice in someone?

The first thing I notice in people is their energy. Either I fuck with you or I don’t, from the jump.

9. Do you like being naked?

I love it, it’s my favourite state of being.

10. Do you ever talk to strangers?

All the time, everyone is a stranger until you know them.

11. When did you last cry?

This morning. Crying is like peeing, it just has to happen. The more I cry the better I feel honestly, bottling up emotions is horrible for everyone.

12. Do you hate anyone at the moment?

One person, I’m getting over it though, they ain’t worth the time.

13. Do you feel connected to your body?


14. How do you think you will die?

I don’t know and I don’t really care, when it’s my time it’s my time. Can’t focus on shit like that.

15. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Getting to go to London for a job. I had never been overseas before that.

16. Are you a feminist?

I’m a feminist just by doing what I do; I’m not particularly militant about it.

17. If you could ask for career/life advice from anyone living or dead?

In modelling there isn’t too much secret advice to be given by anyone. After common sense it just comes down to what’s “in” right now.

18. Have you reinvented yourself dramatically?

I’ve progressed naturally to who I am today.