How would you describe your style?


What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re on your own?

Lol, you really don’t wanna know.

Why did you start doing what you’re doing?

I had always had an affinity for creating and performing. That started very, very early. I knew I wanted to make music but I was averse to learning conventional instruments and didn’t know where to begin. I started trying to collaborate with people that I knew that made beats, most of whom were men, but it always just became an excuse for them to make sexual advances.

One day I got really fed up with it, went home and downloaded Ableton. From then on, I just put all my energy into learning about that and making music by myself. Lately, I’ve been getting into collecting obscure instruments and learning how to play guitar, which is something I’ve avoided for a while. I try to set the example that you can do it by yourself, which is why I’m so particular about producing, writing, singing and directing all of my own shit.

In which situation do you feel most uncomfortable?

When people tell me they like my work or that they are fans of what I do when I meet them in real life. I always feel really bad because I don’t know if I could ever live up to the idealised version of me that they have in their heads. I’ve definitely met people I’ve looked up to before and been disappointed as fuck. 

Do you think the internet is the best or worst thing about modern life?

I think it’s great! I definitely wouldn’t have had all the opportunities I’ve had without it and a vast majority of my best friends I’ve met on the internet <3. I love that you can literally learn how to do anything on the internet – thnx YouTube! The internet is the best. 

Have you been cheated on or cheated on someone? How did you feel about it?     

I’ve never cheated on anyone or been cheated on, to my knowledge, no. I think the way you choose to behave in a relationship with someone (monogamous or not) is your personal thing and its wrong for anyone else to judge another person’s way of living. 

What’s your nervous tick?          

I say “like” a lot when I’m nervous. It’s kind of embarrassing, but the more you think about not saying it, the more you end up saying it…. 

Do you care about privacy?

I like to leave certain things to the imagination.

How do you think you will die?

I don’t think about death, it’s irrelevant to me. But I guess probably a freak accident, or something like that?

Were you good in school?

Teachers definitely loved me but I was always getting in trouble for coming late to class or ditching to smoke with my friends. I got expelled four times in all my years of school. I took history and language super seriously, though, and I was in honour choir, chamber choir and won awards for writing and art quite often. I used to make really huge drawings with Sharpies on the bathroom stalls (I never got caught) and leave poetry and drawings around for people to find.

I vividly remember this period of time when I used to write Oscar Wilde quotes all over the place.I also used to go to the coffee shop by my school and talk philosophy with this crowd of older people, who used to come in every day. They thought it was weird that I was sixteen and reading Alan Watts, but it was normal to me. I always had an issue with authority, with people telling me what to do or where to be, and I always will.