a.k.a @lucygarland

The meteoric rise of Rupaul’s Drag Race has captured the imaginations of young and old and inspired a multitude of new talents to explore the glam, ferocious and empowering world of drag. Twenty-year old art student and YouTube sensation, Lucy Garland is an example of the outlet for creativity and self-expression that drag provides. For Lucy drag is her art form and a way of manifesting the various personalities she had within her, a mere brush of foundation, lipstick and eye-shadow away.

Would you say that drag is your form of art?

Yes! It has definitely taken over my art practice I started drag makeup towards the end of high school. Before that drag had never been on my radar, but once I found it I very quickly realised it was a perfect mix of everything I loved in art: Colour, shape, movement, attitude, design and even drawing. Using my face as my canvas is exciting, and it will always be there!

Do you like being the model of your own practice?

Yes I do! Although being in art school, it can often be mistaken as very narcissistic! But for me, that’s what drag is. You can transform into a hybrid version of whoever you want, and what is the point in doing that if you can’t feel a little bit of admiration for yourself!

How did you discover drag?

When I was 18 I saw a preview for an episode of Rupauls Drag Race, and I was so confused! And from then, it’s completely taken over my life! Obsessed would be an understatement.

What does drag mean to you?

Drag to me means complete creative freedom! And a lot of fun! Rupaul always says everyone should try drag at least once in their life, and I couldn’t agree more! The feeling of being able to completely transform yourself is pretty cool!

How do you feel when you have your full game-face on?

You honestly feel like a completely different person! When you’re totally unrecognisable to yourself it’s pretty weird. I also think my videos are a cool way of documenting that change, because you can see when I start acting totally different without realising!

Do you have a drag alter-ego? If so, what’s their name?

Not one specific alter ego. Every time I transform into a different character it changes. I haven’t fully formed a specific drag persona as of yet! But she’s coming!

It is stated that traditional drag culture is men who dress in exaggerated female attire, although Lucy is an example of the openness of this sub-culture and creativity behind it. It is a form of self-exploration, expression and appreciation.