How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

Jules: Imagine you’re cruising on a moped, gravel road, hair down, the cool breeze feeding the pores on your scalp. You notice a tighter squeeze around your waist from the beautiful woman that is holding on behind you. With one second lost in thought, suddenly you’re up against a brick wall; a fatal motorbike accident. As blood spurts from her soft, straight hair, your body slowly dissolves into an excruciatingly cold and painful death.

Louie: You’re walking at a firm but steady pace through a strangely digital landscape which is shaped like one you’re familiar with traversing, but which doesn’t quite look the same. The land is sparse but you can’t help but feel crowded within it.

Patrick: Two video projectors side by side. One plays a perspective shot of a driver on the desert highway, the other plays a perspective shot of a disco on acid. The four walls of the room are bright red, orange, blue and green and there are no windows or other objects in the room.

Anatole: When you start dipping into the baggy halfway through a day at the beach in the middle of summer.

Noah: With many small ordered dots.

Who is the most annoying on tour?

P: One of Toto (Anatole)’s theories is that any bad joke can be redeemed with constant repetition in a confined space.

J: Toto (sorry toto).

N: It would have to be Toto, our drummer.

A (Toto): I think all of us are pretty hard to be around with too many hours in the van and not enough sleep.

L: Though none of us are particularly good at remaining sane on tour, the finger has to be pointed at the autobahn, for being boring as shit.

Who is the worst singer in the band?

J: It’s got to be me.

P: If by worst voice you mean the voice most resembling a pigeon, then definitely Louie.

L: Everyone thinks Patrick’s so good at singing but the truth is he can’t even sing in falsetto because he smoked too much as a kid.

N: Pigeon (Louie).

A: I find it pretty hard to hit the right notes, the others guys have the voices of angels, but when there’s five of us singing simultaneously it’s pretty tricky to pick that it’s me.

Do you guys have groupies yet?

A: We’ve got twelve year old groupies and we’ve got sixty year old groupies, I’m waiting it out for someone a bit closer to my own age.

P: Noah once got a number from a girl.

N: I got a number once.

L: We have groupies but they don’t like to be labelled as such.

J: Yes, but a ‘groupie’ is always in denial I find, always palming off the idea and branding the younger girl fans with the title.

Why are you called Parcels – are you parseltongue?

N: Yes that is it, we are indeed Parseltongues. Perhaps we should have done this interview in Parseltongue.

J: Because we’re a cute little package don’t you think? That’s what we thought. P: I never read Harry Potter.

L: We don’t tell this to many humans but if you play our songs backwards, snakes can understand it. It’s mostly the same lyrics but made more relatable for reptiles.

A: Half the time our closest friends don’t even know what we’re talking about let alone snakes.

If you had to eat a live animal, what would you choose?

L: Enemies of the reptilian race. A baby eagle.

N: Salmon.

P: If my throat was itchy it ́d be a fly, that could help. If not then maybe something with no real facial tendencies, a squid perhaps.

A: Eric Burdon.

J: Oh man, that’s vulgar…you don’t want to be going around eating live animals, seriously what kind of question is that? Would you feel like you know me better if I say a live chicken? But to answer your question I’ll say a nice fresh salty oyster, oh god yes.

Parcels’ new single, Gamesofluck, is out today, via Kitsuné Records.