Star signs; they’re either our life or the bane of our existence. Rising Stars celebrates the signs, all superstars in their own right, in cheeky cinematic style paying homage to ‘80s directors such as Derek Jarman and Ken Russell, vintage tarot cards and Pierre et Gilles.

‘Rising Stars’, an editorial imagined in response to the latest collection by US of the same name, explores and questions the conventions surrounding star signs and horoscope readings. US has created medallion pendants, one for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac with words lent by Wellington-based poet Hera Lindsay Bird in the form of slightly spiky – or perhaps insightful – phrases pertaining to each sign.


Moonage daydreamers are pulled back down to earth, those with cunning and caprice – Aquarians we’re looking at you – are called out; those who prefer to stay at home and watch telly, despite their protestations, have real intentions made known. The personification of each phrase in these photographs allow us to delight in how funny and demotivating the star sign traits penned by Bird are, especially in a tech age where people are prone to self- mythologising; vice gives in to virtue; a precious reminder to stop being exactly that.


jacket – Comme Des Garçons | trousers – Yohji Yamamoto via Madam Virtue
Prada via Coco | trousers & hat – Emilia Colicchia
jacket & trousers – Helena Dong and brooch – US
dress – Ling Li
shirt & trousers – Acne Studios
dress – Rose Chong
dress – Zambesi | apron – Molly Goddard | top – Comme Des Garçons via Madam Virtue
chaps – Eagle Leather | tank – Calvin Klein
suit – Acne Studios, shirt – Y PROJECT via Slow Waves
blouse & trousers – MM6 Maison Margiela via Slow Waves
shirt – Balenciaga | suit – Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus via Madam Virtue
underwear – Calvin Klein | necklace – MM6 Maison Margiela via Slow Waves


Photographs – Pier Carthew

Direction & Styling – Sarah Pritchard

Words – Hera Lindsay Bird Pendants – US

Models – Elyse Lewthwaite @ People Agency, Susan Jale Seyhan,
Joshua Lavery,
Liam Harding @ People Agency,

Jesy Kenny,
Marsello Davies @ Fivetwenty

Hair & Makeup – Georgia Gaillard
Styling Assistant – Carwyn McIntyre
Photography Assistant – Anna Salzmann
Special thanks to – Charlotte McLachlan, 7Phoenix Studio, Sarah McCauley